Global Construction Strategies’ goal is to build relationships with our clients and maintain them through exercising these three items: Trust, Commitment, and Communication.


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We are dedicated to developing relationships build upon trust, commitment, and communication with our clients while providing unmatched quality and superior timelines to all construction projects. We strive to develop a team comprised of the owner, architect, contractor, and subcontractors which facilitates quality relationships and outstanding performance in all aspects of construction management. Our overall goal is to provide all necessary means to produce healthy, safe and beautiful environments that meet and exceed each individual client’s needs.

Our team

Our Leadership

Founded on personal integrity, ethics and trust, we are proud of our relationship skills and believe Global Construction Strategies’ future is secure by our commitment to implement our client’s visions.


Craig has more than twenty five years of construction management experience. As his previous experience includes construction purchasing for several industry leading firms, he remains sensitive to the customers needs, striving to provide accurate information for both Owners and Subcontractors while developing a positive working environment to complete projects on time and within budget.

Team Members

Jordon Jones
Nick Olivarez
Mike Merritt
Jonathan Jones
Dan McMillin
James Servaes
Kyle Harris
Shannon Crowley

Complete project Management

The beggining of any construction project is frequently believed to entail only estimating services. These are important, but Global Construction Strategies believe that you deserve more.

Construction Management

Construction Management

Pre-Construction Services Pre-Construction services are frequently believed to entail only estimating services. These are important, but Global Construction Strategies believe that more proactive management of the design phase of a product will help to assure that the design reflects the budget and schedule as well as the specific needs of the client. Experience has shown that as much as 80% of budget and schedule control is accomplished during the design phase of a project. Our pre-construction services address cost, schedule, constructability, construction documents, team coordination and other facets of the design and construction process. By addressing these issues in the pre-construction phase of the project, problem areas can be identified early and solutions can be found to assure that the project design and construction flow smoothly assuring the client's total satisfaction. The primary purpose of the pre-construction services is to assist the project team. Through working directly with the client, design professionals and others involved in the design phase of the project. We believe that typical construction problems can be minimized and a quality project will be completed on schedule and under budget.

Construction Services Global Construction Strategies have completed the majority of their joint venture work as a general contractor on either hard bid or negotiated projects with over 90% of our volume arriving from long term relationships with clients stemming from an initial hard bid scenario and resulting in negotiation of additional projects. We have completed projects nationwide ranging in size from $5,000,000.00 to as little as $5,000.00 as the general contractor. This broad range of experience ensures that we have the flexibility and the know how not only to self perform work, but to successfully oversee the work of multiple subcontractors and material suppliers providing numerous specialized skills to a project. Both corporate and project specific operating procedures have been developed that combine an economic and efficient way of standard means and methods while allowing adaptation to the unique needs and requirements of each individual client.

Construction Management Services Global Construction Strategies have the in-house expertise to work with the client's current design criteria while guiding and assisting the client in the overall management and administration of projects ranging from simple to the most complex. Construction management, whether contractor or the client is at risk, provides the client the assurance that budget and schedule will be met and competent experts familiar with their established program are overseeing the project.
A successful construction management plan is based on a team approach in which the client, the architect and the construction manager work together in the client's best interest. If construction management is implemented, during the pre-construction phase of the project, significant budget and schedule control can be achieved through fine tuning of the prototype design to fit each individual project. Since the project manager and senior team members are experienced in construction management as well as being familiar with the client's program it offers the client benefits similar to in-house personnel at the cost of on-call contractors.



Design-Build Services As project budgets and schedules become more and more demanding and clients feel the pressure of having their facilities completed, on-line and operating as quickly as possible; new methods for the delivery of construction services are being implemented. Design-Build in its many variations is a leader of the new methods. Effective integration of design and construction are the key advantages of this form of project delivery.
Design-Build requires that the construction company involved have a broad range of internal resources capable of interacting with the client's design and construction professionals as well as the Architect and Engineer to create a partnership in which all parties involved are working under a central leadership towards reaching the client's goals. Global Construction Strategies' full time staff of estimating, scheduling, safety, quality control, value engineering and construction experts work with the client and the design team to assure that the design is deliverable within the schedule and budget specified for each project.

Design Build Methods of Construction Delivery

  • Contractor (at-risk) Lead - Global Construction Strategies carry subcontracts, lead the Project Team and the Design Team responds to GCS.
  • Client (at-risk) Lead - The client carries subcontracts, GCS respond to the Client's Project Team and the Design Team responds to GCS.
  • Design Team Lead - GCS or the client carries subcontracts, the Design Team leads the Project Team and GCS responds to the Design Team.
  • All of these delivery methods provide uniquely attractive features to different clients depending upon their current structure. In addition, numerous other variations are available. One major advantage to all of the methods is that the Design Team and Project Team function together under the leadership of one entity providing the Owner with a quick, reliable and cost effective solution to project delivery. Starting with the pre-design services, we are ready and able to discuss and help the client decide the most appropriate method of project delivery for their individual program.

    Nationwide Service

    Global Construction Strategies is currently licensed in and/or has worked in the following states:
    Arkansas | California | Colorado | Connecticut | Delaware | Florida | Idaho | Illinois | Indiana | Iowa | Kansas | Kentucky | Louisiana | Maine | Maryland | Minnesota | Missouri | Nebraska | New Hampshire | North Dakota | Ohio | Oklahoma | Pennsylvania | Rhode Island | South Dakota | Tennessee | Texas | Vermont | Washington | Wisconsin | Wyoming | Mississippi | Alabama | Georgia | South Carolina | North Carolina | Tennessee | Virginia | and West Virginia

    The Global Construction Strategies Team has been serving the Tampa Bay area since 2012. We offer an experienced staff of knowledgeable and informative sales consultants, as well as on-site staff supervisors for the installation of all types of construction material.
    We also offer a dedicated staff of service technicians to meet your construction and repair needs. Contact Global Construction Strategies, Inc. today for a free job site analysis of your construction needs. We look forward to working with you on your project.
    Experience the difference that quality and attention to detail can make. Contact us on-line for an estimate on your next project or call us at (941) 745-1144.

    Capabilities List

    Project Planning and Scheduling
    Value Engineering
    Budget Management
    Site Evaluation
    Site Development
    Utility Studies
    Design management
    Code Reviews
    Project Coordination
    Subcontractor Procurement & Management
    Material Purchasing & Procurement
    Construction Administration
    Self Performed Work Cost Management
    Quality Control
    Accounting & Reporting
    Project Close Out & Documentation
    All Aspects of Pre-Construction and Construction Services as listed
    Contractor (at-risk) Lead
    Client (at-risk) Lead
    Design Team Lead

    GCS Philosophy

    Our Way OF Doing Business

    The cornerstone of our business are the three principles we rely on

    The gcs philosophy.

    We are dedicated to developing relationships built upon trust, commitment, and communication with our clients.

    • 1. KFC Remodel

    • 2. Applebees' Remodel

    • 3. Burger King Remodel

    • 4. Burger King Remodel

    • 5. Applebees' Remodel

    • 6. KFC/Taco Bell Conversion

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    The First Element is TRUST
    The Second Element is Commitment
    The Third Element is Communication

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